Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lesa's Favorite Song Block

Hello All

Lesa's song was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Now you would think that might be easy to do as there are a lot of images but I ask you, "What the heck are rocking horse people?"

So I took the easy route and did the bridge by the fountain and the flowers that grow incredibly high.

The first pic is what the block looked like before I worked on it, The second is how it looks now. I particularly like the knight statue in the middle of the fountain. But I that might be cheating as all I did was sew it on.

Hope you enjoy it Lesa

Off to make overalls



Charlene said...

I'm sure Lesa will be happy as pie with her colorful block. I like the knight, too!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Oh I do like it! I think the knight on the horse portrays rocking horse people perfectly! These are great pictures and I can't wait for it to come home.

Susan said...

I love what you did on her block. The bridge and flowers are fabulous. Cute block, all the way around!