Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hello All,

This is Nancy's block for the Fairy Tale RR. This RR started in January. We have been PLAGUED with some really bad mojo on this one. There have been a few people who have not held up their end of the bargain. They were in several groups and received blocks to work on and kept them for months, we are talking at least 6 months if not more. This block is finally getting back to Nancy. I got my Last Unicorn block back from this group, ( I forgot to post pics of it, I will soon)but my Little Mermaid is still missing in action. We know where it is, but she refuses to respond to any of us to return them. Anyone want to play enforcer for me in Portsmouth, Virginia?


Here is the block now. I wanted to do more but this is a huge block and I just could not finish it. I added a long evergreen and berry seam on the left.The blue candle seam in the middle, plus the red and green tree one at the top. the star seam and the white lacy one by Santa. I also added the plate of cookies and carrot, the mice, Ho Ho Ho and the big silver star. I have had that for a while, it is pretty big , but I knew I would find a home for it some day!LOL

I hope you enjoy Nancy.I would do a RR you anytime, none of the duds in these groups were your fault and you did all you could.



Susan said...

You've added some beautiful stitching. The whimsey of the cookie plate and carrot really appeals to me.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Love the plate of cookies and the carrot for the reindeer. Great ideas!! And I hate it that this RR turned out to be such a headache for you all.

Jaki said...

Awesome! The evergreen and berry treatment is my favorite :-) Gosh you have such imagination, carrot for Santa's reindeer and cookies for Santa! The candle ST is great too :-) We'll assign angels to bring your Little Mermaid home...