Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Even More..... You Know Whats

Blue Lady
( duh)

This pink one I sold to a lady I met at the Fabric store as I was buying the bead trim to finish it.

( Note to self........ NO more bead fringe...... unless I charge $15 more)

Red Lady

My Mom would have loved this

Pink Fairy in a Tree

Blue Oriental
( Very original names, huh?)

Hello All

So here we go. The last of the gypsy purses I made for the Craft Show.
The local Art Center has a juried Art Craft Fair. Janet and I are going to go check it out this weekend to see what they have and if our stuff would be up to snuff for them. If so maybe Janet and I will do it next year. We have heard that people who go to this show expect Art and they are willing to pay for it. So we will see
Just a warning,... I plan to post pics of my cell phone purses next so be prepared!

Off to finish my Victorian Christmas boot, I don't want to give this one up. I wonder..... do I have enough time to make a new one by the 20th? Probably not



Susan said...

Beautiful! So tempting. =) Yes, get in the art show and then charge more for your purses, even without the beading. =)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Those are just beautiful!!

Lin Moon said...

Wow, these are fabulous! I just love the pink lady, but they are all so wonderful!

Janice Whitaker said...

I've just seen these purses for the first time. Do you have them online anywhere to purchase?