Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Back From the Edge of the Earth

Hello All

No, I did NOT fall off the face of the Earth. I just took a detour to Craft Show Prep Land. A fun place when you first get there , but the last few days are always too hectic and not long enough.

My friend Janet and I did a craft show together. We worked our behinds off. I made almost 3 dozen purses. Sold 3. At least I made my share of the booth rental back but not by much. We had lots of ohhs and awws over our work, but no buyers. I really thought they would go as Christmas presents.People have no taste. They would rather spend $50 on a piece of fence board painted as a moose or a snowman, or some mass produced piece of crap someone bought in bulk from China or Mexico than an actual craft at a craft fair. I could go to a flea market or the dollar store and get most of the crud they sold.Including all those stupid Yankee Candle ripoffs they sold at the booth next to us. They had one sale for $618!!!! My God, what an idiot

Enough of that.

Here is our booth. My hubby built the tree for me. It was perfect to hang our purses on. It showed them off perfectly. I am surprised that the fringe is left on any of them , everyone played with it

Here is Mata Hari, I think this one got pawed over the most

I call this one "Lilliana". I don't know why. It just seemed to be her name

This is my Honking Orange Fairy Baby purse. Ing in CA wants to buy this one

And this one is"Magpie" The only ones of the gypsy purses I sold. I think it was my favorite

I dyed most of the laces myself, all had at least some beading ( or quite a lot in some cases) and took at least 8- 10 hours to complete. I don't think $35 is unreasonable.

We have been thinking about consignment shoppes and trying some of the boutiques here in town. So we will see what happens with that.

I have been doing lots of other things as well. Lots of RR stuff, which I post very soon. Right now I need to go work on "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady"



Judi S (Gig Harbor) said...

Beautiful purses. Sounds like lots of looky loos. Maybe a boutique is a better venue for you. Good luck with these, you are very talented. OH, have you tried Etsy online site?

Susan said...

Your purses are fabulous and your booth looks very inviting. Wrong venue is the only thing I can think of, because $35 is certainly not over-priced! I'm not at all surprised that Ingrid wants the orange one! =) Do you happen to have something that's black, but has lots of purple on it, or just purple?

Susan said...

Or wait! Do you have the lime green one I can see in the booth picture? That's her favorite color!

Lin Moon said...

Wow, I love the Magpie purse. You've gotta be good if you can get me to love an orange purse - I usually hate orange!