Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hello All

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I have no real excuse. You know how life goes sometimes.

First up are some laces I have dyed. The first 2 pictures are of laces dyed with Ribbonsmyth dyes. I really like these. The only problem with them is that the only blue they have really stinks. It is called English Blue, it is really more greenish grey than blue. So they blues you see are ones that I used food dyes and vinegar with, These really tend to bleed and fade and are not colorfast at all. I need to find a good blue microwave dye. So if you know of any please let me know.
The next two pictures are laces that I painted using fabric paint. You get great colors with these, however it tends to be stiff when dry. They must be very diluted with water and painted lightly in several coats, As these are intended for purses I don't think it will make as much difference since they won't be in as much contact with the skin as compared to clothing.
You will see in the last 2 pics I ahve some VERY bright greens.Don't fear, there is a plan for them. I am going to use them in some tinkerbell bags.
My friend Janet and I dyed a bunch of lace here at my house the other day. I think I have her hooked.It wouldbe so easy to spend days dyeing lace.
Well off to do some more


Jo in NZ said...

Lauri, your dying efforts look great. I bet you both had fun!!
Funny what you say about the blue dye. I always find the blue paint we use with the kids stinks too, and seems to go 'off' when other colours last for years.

Lauri said...

Maybe it's no wonder that in ancient cultures only royalty wore blue and purple.The only thing that made great blue dye was too expensive for all us poor people, so we got stuck with something that turned icky. LOL

Maddie Can Fly said...

Lauri, don't know what fabric paint you are using, but I've found if you heat set them with the iron and then wash after 24 hours, they aren't as stiff. Hope that helps!

Susan said...

I've been pretty happy with the Kerman blue from Ozedyes. I dry it in the microwave for a few seconds, then let it finish drying overnight. On cotton and rayon, it stays well. Nothing stays well on the poly laces, as near as I can tell.

Your laces look beautiful!