Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bags in the Works

Hello All

I have been thinking about doing some business on Ebay. These are to be CQ embellished bags or purses. The first 3 will be ones to hold a cell phone, ipod,mp3 or even a smaller digital camera. They will have a strap that will be long enough to go over your head and hang down in front, a sort of neck pouch.
The next 2 are to be bigger purses they are about 10 inches wide and 9 inches high.
I will post more pictures after I get them embellished and finished.
I think it's about time I start making some money after my stash. LOL. I know my husband should would appreciate it!



Ati said...

Lauri those bags will become beautiful, your start is very good!

Susan said...

Great pieces - especially that green one. These are going to be beautiful. Curious why you picked eBay over Etsy?

Candi said...

Lauri, your bags are going to be just beautiful! Such wonderful colors!