Saturday, January 27, 2007


Hello All

I have been working on "Boldly". I am just having a hard time getting into it. It isn't speaking to me yet. I have been having a very hard time getting my stitching even lately. I start out fine on a seam then my stitches get bigger and bigger as I go.

The seams I have done are not nearly done yet. I thought I would just lay down a basic pattern first, then go back and build on those so I can make sure the colors are well balanced.

So since "Boldly" and I are not on speaking terms yet, I decided to do another NEW project. (Like I don't have enough already!)

My daughter Molly picked out the smiley face fabric , then I turned it into a MP3 player case. It has a little pocket for her extra memory sticks. I decided to use velcro instead of trying to finagle a zipper aroung 2 corners. A bonus with the velcro is that she can run the wire for the headphones right over the top of it and it will seal around it. I think that on the one I do for Katie I will make the velcro a little more secure. It did turn out pretty cute, at least I think so. Next up will be a tiger inspired case

I have also posted a pic of the Ugly block that I am trying to transform into a swan. A group of us on the CQ for Newbies group are attempting to do the impossible. I plan to embellish it in oranges, yellows, greens and some black. I think I will put a huge spray of SRE white daisies on the left side. I also need to do something with the polka dot piece. All of the dots are badly stained, or now that I look more at it I think that the white dye is starting to disintegrate. One estimate I heard is that these blocks could be almost 50 years old. I think I will just try to ignore some of the fabrics and just carry on with a gardening theme.

Any suggestions for help on this would be greatly appreciated

Also I have joined a webring. Around the Block. Please look for the icon in my sidebar and go visit their sites and see all the pretty things they are doing

Off to work on straighter stitches or maybe make a bauble bag like Ati did on her blog I think they are really cute or maybe I'll ..............




Susan said...

I really like the way the Boldly block is going, even if it isn't talking with you. I especially like the blue/purple/green seam on the lower right. It seems very spacy!

Molly's holder is fabulous. I can only imagine that she loves it.

That is certainly one unique block you have there at the bottom. Whatever threads you use are going to have to be really dark to overcome all those prints! Maybe you can connect the dots to form a picture with beads or thread? Mine hasn't arrived yet. I'm starting to wonder if suggesting this was such a smart idea. =)

Ati. said...

Your boldy blocks are so pretty fabric. maybe you can use some sparkling thread?
Some straight lines would give the blocks some 'speed' maybe?
I wish you good luck with the other blocks.