Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hello All


That is the name of my newest crazy quilt project. My plan is to blog all year long on the progress on this quilt.
You can go to my flikr site( there's a link in my sidebar) to see all the blocks

These blocks are much more angular than I normally do but I thought it lent itself well to the theme.

There are 16 blocks that will be 9" finished, this is much smaller than my previous blocks which were 20" square. I am getting faster at piecing which is the bane of my cq-ing efforts

I will not be using a lot of my normal flowery seam treatments. So if you have any ideas for futuristic or science looking patterns let me know. This will be quite a challenge for me

My son says these all look like black holes.LOL

I am not sure at this point whether there will be alot of embellishments other than the seams, we will see as we go along.

I am planning to do some really strange looking plant life on the 2 landscape blocks so watch for those

Any ideas at all will be greatly appreciated, so bring them on!

Next up to piece is one I am calling "Janet's Fault".This was inspired by a piece of fabric Janet used in several of her patches. When I found that print, I just kept buying fabrics that coordinated, before I knew it I had about 30 prints that went together. I plan to do this one with the landscape piecing method. I want it to be very antique-y looking. This is another stretch for me.

I also plan a pinup quilt for my hubby, I'll post on that too

Why, may you ask do I have so many projects at once. The answer is that I get BORED, very easily so I like to switch off.

I also still have my original cq that I have posted about before , so I will keep motoring on that one too.

Well I've got a LOT to do so I better get busy




Thelma said...

Love your theme, will be waiting to see future posts.

Jo in NZ said...

Lauri, this is absolutely fantastic. I LOVE it. What a great theme for a boy.
I would probably keep the seam treatments simple, and with a heavier weight thread...but having said that I rarely stick to a plan. lol
I am really looking forward to seeing this progress.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Love this idea Lauri of the Boldly quilt. I'm doing a fantasy one. I can see you using lots of metallic silver threads on this -- what do you think?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea!! I love it. So would my hubby as he's a big star trek fan. I might just have to ask you if I may borrow your idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Love your Boldly blocks. My son would be so happy if I would do something like that for him!

Somehow I missed your blog when I was inviting people to join the Around the Block CQ webring. If you are interested in belonging, just e-me. If you are on the ring, I know I won't miss a single installment of the Boldly quilt. =)

I have to have more than one thing going on, too.