Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hello All

Wow. I'm impressed. You figured them out. I am more than a little happy that you could tell what he was. I am always afraid my little sketches don't look like what I think they look like

These little guys are 2 inches tall. I have a couple more I need to do before I add then to the block.

First I draw out my design on paper, then using a light box and a mechanical pencil I transfer them to my fabric ( in this case white Kona)

I usually then use crinoline behind them when putting the design into an embroidery hoop

Most of the stitching is done using DMC floss, 2 strands. sometimes I will use Wildflowers varigated if it is a larger piece

Next do all your outline on the pencil marks. Usually black , either a back stitch, tight stem stitch or tight chain stitch.

The filling is done by chain or stem stitch depending on the size of the open space.

Then using clear nail polish go around  all the edges sealing the fabric and edge stitches completely

When this is dry cut very carefully NEXT to your outline stitches. You can add wonder under to the back before trimming if you wish

Next place it where desired then using clear thread going through your outline stitches sew it down.
Once in a while you might want to add another row of stitching right next to the outline, using one strand of matching embroidery floss

Back to the gypsies!



Carol said...

Thanks for the tut!! I want to try your technique soon.

Wendy said...

These are awesome Lauri! Can't wait to see them on the block....