Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Posts

Hello All

I haven't been posting anything new because I am getting hit by spammers.
I have had to delete my most recent post plus several old ones.
These spam commenters are ridiculous!!! On one post I had over 50 of them
I have no clue how to fix this
I have been working on several projects. Hopefully I am now up tp dealing with all the spam.
Have any of you been sending comments that I haven't published? I assure it isn't because I don't want to hear from you!!
Maybe later today once I figure out the new camera I will post my most recent work



Mary-Frances said...

Be sure to turn on the place where they have to type in a word to authenticate. Worst case you can go to the point where you have to approve all the commenters (I think it's a pain - but at least it would get rid of the spam).

Wendy said...

I always approve my comments, it keeps the spammers at bay and I don't think people mind... if I post a comment and it says "waiting for blog owner approval", I kind of like it as I know my comment will be read, if they're not have to approve the comments, it could get missed - especially on older posts!