Monday, February 18, 2008

And the Winner is..................

Hello All,

Now before the big reveal, first one observation.

Don't let the puppy pick! He has no attention span, won't sit still for a good photo op of the drawing and picked more than one.

SO .... there are 2 sets of winners. These are the ones that stuck to his face.Yummy huh?

Ati, Mindy and Debbie from Maine get to pick your prizes. Either a purse ( I can send you pics), a needlecase in your choice of colors or something like a pillow or small wall quitlet.

But not this:

or the puppy.

These are the ones he knocked out of the bowl while picking. I'll make each of you a heart.

Here is a beautiful pic for you to think of all day long

Everyone who won drop me an email and we'll discuss.

Next time Katrina picks!!



Anonymous said...

Lauri, I see that your adorable little dog picked my name. Good doggie!!! Let me know what I need to do ok. And thanks a million! Debbie (Maine)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

ME?!?!?! I won?!?! Thank you so much! I cannot find your email address in all of my excitement. Please email me at:

Thank you so much!!!

Ati. Norway. said...

Wow, I have been lucky, good dog :)
I would love to get one of your beautiful purses Lauri.

Susan said...

That is a most unique way of picking! LOL! How fun for all the winners!

Candi said...

OMG when I got to your blog it was like looking at my TAZ sound asleep next to me. Unfortunately he definitely lives up to his name! lol