Friday, January 18, 2008

OK I Get It..

Hello All,
I get it I need to post more, but as I said I am not a winter person. I HAVE been CQing. I just finished up Jo's Beaded RR block, plus did my bit on 2 more Your Favorite Song blocks. So I haven't been completely hibernating. I will post on those later, but first I wanted to show you my finished Beaded block. Thank you so much Jo, Carol, Cheryl and Leslie for all the work you did on it, It is beautiful!!!
The only thing I want to do is bead the yellow flowers in the center patch and maybe cover up some of the black lines in the drawing. I am so happy with this block.
Here it is naked And here is the finished product. I am sorry I chopped some of it off

If this doesn't give you inspiration I don't know what will.
Thank you again for all your work girls!!


Lin Moon said...

the bead work on this is just stunning! I just love the combination of all those pastels and iridescence. Thanks so much for sharing - it is TOTALLY inspiring!
~Lin Moon

Susan said...

That is so pretty! I love the spider web, and her wings, and the lace on the right, and every little thing. What a great RR!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you are pleased with your piece too- and I'm glad you're posting again. I love seeing your beautiful work!


Gerry said...

Just beautiful. What a treasure!

Candi said...

Wow! Is that gorgeous or what! Just incredible.

Maddie Can Fly said...

WOW!!!!! You are so lucky!