Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hello All

I have been a slacker lately. I was waiting for some beads to arrive for Nancy's block for the Fairy Tale RR. Of course, when they got here they wouldn't work like I wanted so I will have to rethink my options.
This is what I have been doing while waiting. It is a surprise for someone I met through the Internet. A while back she said that I needed to show some eye candy for the women out there. So here it is. I know it's a LITTLE wild. LOL. Mixing plaids and getting seams to show up on them isn't easy. I did not want to include any white, but the only way for the little Scottie show up was to put him on a piece of lace. So I had to add it in several places to get it to blend better.
The second picture is of the back. If you lift the kilt in the framed piece, there is a bonus. I don't think the recipient will object. I know I would have to be careful with some ladies out there, but she seems to be a little out there like me so it should go over well.
I need to add some more beads to cut back on the starkness of the white. I will post pictures when it is all done.
In other news ,I am just waiting to see if the Navy will be sending my middle son back to me. They found out within the first week he was there, that there was something off on an ECG he took as part of his psychical to get his " fit for duty" stamp. Of course we didn't find this out until Friday, the 20th. ( He left June 27th!) Yesterday he was to go to the Cardiologist to see what the problem is. Still haven't heard from him so I guess , he is staying. Maybe. I don't know. The military is SO frustrating and slooooow. He'll probably just call from Denver one day saying to come get him. Who knows?



Susan said...

Love the plaids. My son wears a kilt to class sometimes. =)

I hope your son *does* call from Denver needing a ride. On the other hand, I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with his heart.

Gerry said...

Lauri, You are such a scamp. LOL. I love the kilt (peek a boo). Too darn funny.

Also, wishing your DS the very best in his medical testings.

gocrazywithme said...

I love it and I know the recipient will love it too.
Hadn't thought about the plaids being difficult to work on, but you're right. I think you did a great job getting the seam embroidery to show up, and the scotty dog on the lace is great.
Hope no news is good news with Zac!

Anonymous said...

Love the plaids and the kilts! Lol!
I love plaids, but never thought of using them in CQ. Now I will, seeing your fun and racy block :-))

Prayer for Zac also coming that nothing is wrong with his heart, and that he is home soon.